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AGASARO ORGANIC LTD is created by UZAMUKUNDA Isabelle, the owner of pineapple processing factory and biscuit organic.The headquarters are located in MUSANZE District,it expands its wings in three districts (Kamonyi district,Musanze district and Nyamasheke District ) we produce differents juices,wine and biscuits (Nector ,Concentrated and Natural 100%,Jam,Dried,Wine and Biscuits),work closely with 356 farmers on 220 ha. The factory produces 140,000Liters of juices /per year,70,000Liters of wines /per year,1500 tons of Jam per year and 4500 tons of biscuits, we supply 60% of factory production in abroad countries(DRC,CONGO-BRAZAVILLE,United Arab Emirates). The factory attended differents exhibition events( GERMANY,DUBAI and Kenya), international conference (FAO,Women Entrepreneurs Africa and EAC manufacturing) and visits factory (Netherlands,India and Chine). The factory has 10 years of experience in Business.

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Company size

Between 11 and 100 employees, turnover between 150 000 and 1.5 million euros