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Confluences Asie Co., Ltd


Confluences is the Catalyst for business opportunities in Cambodia and ASEAN for all companies and investors willing to boost their expansion in Southeast Asia.​ Inspired by our entrepreneur background, our client partnership approach allows our clients to seamlessly accelerate their geographical footprint through a suite of cost efficient solutions organized around 4 services lines : ​ •Access ​ •Operations ​ •Trading ​ •Ventures​ We view our role as an agile Cambodia based partner advising and supporting our clients’ investments, and allowing them to leverage on our wide network of experts, suppliers, distributors and high-level connections within both private and public sectors in South East Asia. ​ Everyday, we also strive to build our Confluences’ community bringing the best of both Khmer and international oversea worlds as a family where our teams and clients can share their interests for responsible growth with passion and authenticity. ​ Headquartered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Confluences was initially founded in 2015 by French Khmer entrepreneurs with more than 15 years experience in the region.​ Since, Confluences has helped over 100 corporations, startups and entrepreneurs enter the market and blossom in the region. We have also developed a portfolio of equity investment in several companies and startups.​ Today, we are proud at Confluences to provide a unique, multi-faceted perspective on how Cambodia works and what it takes to succeed here, and further afield with confidence.

Partnership interested in

Local representation
Technology transfert or know-how
Partnership agreement
Information exchange
Business projects development
Investment promotion

Company size

Between 11 and 100 employees, turnover between 150 000 and 1.5 million euros