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COOPAC is an enterprise dealing in coffee production, processing and export based in Gisenyi, Rwanda. Our coffee is grown and reared on the picturesque slopes leading to the shores of Lake Kivu, in Rubavu, Rutsiro, Rulindo, Gakenke and Nyamasheke Districts. The sun warms the highly fertile clay soils which are rich in volcanic minerals. Rainfall here is evenly spread around the year. Our processing respects high standards to ensure that the best cup quality is achieved. In business since 2001, we remain enthusiastic, passionate and committed to satisfying the most demanding lovers of coffee from the world over. We take our mandate most seriously and at every step along the coffee process we pay a lot of attention to detail to attain good quality of our product. The major inspiration was to revive the coffee sector in Rwanda, which was not doing very well at the time, to improve on quality and to socially and economically impact communities growing coffee. Today, the impact of COOPAC in the growth of the Rwandan Coffee sector has been realized.

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Between 100 and 200 employees, turnover between 1.5 million and 4.5 million euros