Mission Économique et commerciale de la Francophonie - Rwanda

RDK Group Sole Ltd


RDK Group is a full-service agency generating media publicity and creating a digital presence for your product, brand, or business. Specializing in social media, we provide strategies and run campaigns to ensure your content is delivered to your target audience. Powered by young talent and led by industry professionals with years of experience in media, events, and the digital sphere. Our team has forged close relations with state and independent media and journalists, influencers, and social media leaders to ensure your business is at the forefront of any platform. www.laotiantimes.com - The Laotian Times is the leading digital-born English-language news site about Laos https://www.facebook.com/tholakhong - Laos' most followed (over 1.3 million followers) news media Facebook Page www.laopost.com - Lao Post is a reputable Lao-language news site www.champameuanglao.com - Champa Meuanglao (CML) is the official inflight magazine of Lao Airlines, the proud national carrier of Laos

Partnership interested in

Local representation
Technology transfert or know-how
Information exchange

Company size

Between 11 and 100 employees, turnover between 150 000 and 1.5 million euros