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Dukunde Kawa


Dukundekawa | translates - Let's love coffee. We are a cooperative of coffee growers, founded in 2000, Dukundekawa Cooperative also known as Musasa cultivates its high quality coffee in the soil located between 1800 – 2200 m of altitude just near the mountain gorilla habitat in central Rwanda. By producing high-end coffee for the international market and employing a majority female workforce, the cooperative ensures maximum benefits to local families. Currently, Dukundekawa – Musasa accounts 1193 coffee farmers which make it capable of producing up to 12 containers of green coffee per year. Having been Fair Trade Certified since 2004, Dukunde Kawa secures a high standard of living for Rwandan farmers by ensuring access to an economically and environmentally sustainable coffee industry. Eighty percent (80%) of Dukundekawa’s producers are women. The cooperative owns 4 wet mills all covering more than 392ha of arable land and one dry mill.

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Between 11 and 100 employees, turnover between 150 000 and 1.5 million euros